Study Rooms with a Vue

Ad subject: The VUE Oasis

Ad problem: College students consider moving off campus when they are upperclassmen, but they don’t want to forfeit the advantages and amenities that come with living on campus.

Product Characteristics:

  • LU Shuttle Service
  • 24hr Emergency Maintenance
  • Fully Furnished
  • Hammock Garden
  • Salt Water Pool
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Gaming Room
  • Study Rooms
  • 24hr Fitness Center
  • Business Center
  • Convenience Store

Advertising Objective: To inform college students know that it is possible to live off campus and enjoy the same advantages, such as study rooms, as living on campus.

Target Market: Upperclassmen undergraduate students at Liberty University that are considering moving off campus

Competition: Cornerstone, College Square

Statement of benefit or appeal:

  • Countless amenities
  • Top of the line living space
  • Study Rooms

Creative theme: Want to move off campus but don’t want to forfeit your study habits at the library? At The Vue:Oasis, the best of both worlds for the student collide as luxurious off-campus living is paired seamlessly with our convenient, quiet study rooms.

Study Rooms with a Vue

Wake up, go to class, study, go to bed and do it all over again. We get it.

Senioritis is a real thing. As an upperclassman in college, it is hard to find a balance between planning for you future and enduring your present studies with dwindling motivation. Finding a place to study near you should be the least of your worries.

The Vue: Oasis gives students the unique opportunity to engage in off campus life while still providing them with all the amenities and more of on-campus living. Built specifically with the college student in mind, The Vue is catered to serve your specific studying habits.

As a student that has quick and easy access to the library on campus, it is a typical fear that off campus living will take a toll on your studies. The Vue: Oasis has the student who is worried about losing quality time at the library covered. The multiple, individual study rooms are built to act as a supplement for the library for off-campus students.

Having a quiet, individual space is of the utmost importance in creating good study habits. Our study rooms allow you to get away from the buzz of campus and crack down on your studies.

In addition to study rooms, The Vue also accommodates off campus students with several advantages that even on campus students do not get the opportunity to enjoy. These amenities include:

  • LU shuttle service
  • Convenience Store
  • Salt-water pool
  • 24 hour fitness center
  • Hammock Garden
  • Fully furnished living quarters
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance
  • Grilling areas
  • Gaming room

The Vue allows off campus students to never have to think twice about missing out on the advantages that come with living on campus. Located at a close proximity to Liberty’s campus, students are able reap all of the benefits and more of on campus living, but escape from the busyness.

Kissing on campus living goodbye doesn’t mean turning your back on your studies. Come enjoy all the advantages of living on campus at an off campus location and price at The Vue: Oasis. (Word Count: 350)