CNA Week 2

Fairy tales come to life in Lynchburg

When a simple game of dress up turns into a booming princess business, you roll with it. Haley Burgess, owner of Royal Princess Virginia, now juggles a growing business that has 12 fairytale characters. Burgess interviews potential princesses and has the girls learn everything they can about their character for parties, events, etc.

It wasn’t “hammer time” for this Amherst native

After an argument in the street turned violent, Holly Davis, was charged for malicious wounding of her neighbor, Manuela Andrews. The neighbors argument became heated while arguing about child care, and Davis resorted to hitting Andrews with a clawed hammer several times. While Andrews had to be rushed to the hospital for medical care, Davis is now being held without bond.

The secret about chaining dogs becomes unleashed

If you make chaining your dog outside a habit, it can cause the canine to be more frustrated, anxious and depressed. If you are allergic to dogs, this article recommends that you try adopting a hypo-allergenic dog so that your furry friend is able to stay inside. If it is impossible for you to keep your dogs inside all the time, it is suggested that the dog be given a large, clean space for the dog to run.

My source was News Advance. This source is reliable because it has been a trusted news source for decades and we also discussed its credibility in class.

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