How our mistakes are making other countries richer..

You are scrolling down your Twitter/Facebook feed and all of a sudden you see an interesting headline that catches your attention. You notice it’s regarding the election, so you click on it to find out more. Unfortunately, there is a high chance you just fell for something called “click bait.” Not only did you make a mistake by clicking on fake news, someone just profited from your mistake.

Fake news has become a serious issue among many social media/websites. These sites are infested with all different kinds of fake news. Fake news is becoming an issue because other countries, in particular Macedonia, have many people producing and profiting off fake news. Some people are making over $60,000 from publishing fake news.

This is an issue that needs to be regulated. In my opinion, it’s not right that we have to question if every article we read is legit! Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter need to figure out a way that can eliminate fake news from being published. Many Americans are falling for this growing epidemic.