Gain Fabric Softener

Advertising for their new fabric softener pods.

  1. The visual effects that define location: are the sand and waves on a beach.

2. The sounds effects used to define action: sounds of waves crashing on the shore.

3. Format used: Television script sheet

4. A man is sitting on a rock on the beach sniffing the scarf of his long lost love. He is trying to “move on”but is unable to when he smells her scent on the scarf. It is a comical representation of the long lasting scent of Gain.

5. The target market of the Ad: mothers and peope who do most of the shopping in the home.

6. Benefits offered by the Ad: long lasting freshness in the scent of your clothing.

7. The call to action in the ad: don’t lose your scent, get gain and get fresh.

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