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Constant consumption. The persuaders focus on quickly catching the attention of their target demographic and sucking them in.

Quite honestly I found it easy to get distracted while watching this film. The film itself was marketing “advertisement.” Even while explaining the strategies that advertisers use the movie was bringing light and attraction to consumption.

This creates a heightened awareness to the consumer about their individual spending life. This heightened awareness either accomplished one of two things, it stirred up a desire to spend more money, or it made the consumer guilty and shameful for enabling themselves to become suffocated by the world of buying.

How This Has Affected My View

The thing I most enjoyed about this film was the science behind the act of advertising. How colors, fonts, scents, pictures can trigger messages and desires in the minds of consumers.

In the past I have looked at commercials and then thought to myself, “this is silly, who would actually purchase this item because of this advertisement, or because of this spokesperson?”

But now I see how affective those “silly” advertisements can be. I can see how they have influenced me in my own life.

For example, growing up I was a ballerina. When I saw a skin care advertisement with professional dancer Julianne Hough as the spokesperson, I instantly wanted to purchase the product.

She was such an icon in my life that regardless of the what the product was, I wanted to purchase it.

Similarly, I have been able to remember times in my life that I have invested in certain health products or foods because of the advertisements I have seen online or in television.

These products have caught my eye because of the benefits that they promise. If the commercial advertises “better skin and healthier hair” I am more inclined to purchase the product than I am inclined to purchase something that is not proclaiming its benefits but rather relying on colors, scents or a popular name.

Rarely does this strategy work. Most times advertising indirectly results in failure like the product that the film focused one.

The Indirect Strategy

The film focused on Song Airlines, a sister company with prominent airline Delta. Song Airlines (which if you now google, you are redirected to Delta Airlines) tried with tenacity to create a strong name for themselves and tried to appeal to the flier who needed low air fare, organic eco-friendly meals and pleasurable flying experience.

They failed to take the direct approach when advertising their product and decided to advertise the result of their product. They showed the benefits of the airline. They showed ease, joy, and the simplicity displayed through a happy family running through a field.

Sadly, their target demographic was not overcome with the need to purchase and be a part of this new airline.

Song missed the target and ended up tanking. Delta Airline reabsorbed the branch and they went on as if nothing had ever happened.

This example has shown me as a student that to succeed in marketing a product well, the direct approach is the most lucrative and the smartest long term choice.

How Should Christ Followers be Healthy Consumers?

Christians are faced with the charge to be “in the world but not of the world”. This can be a difficult lifestyle to balance.

The world in which we live is consumed with consumption. Yes, that sounds redundant but it it true. Everywhere I look, the world is pleading with me to purchase and enjoy sweet satisfaction…that is until I need to purchase more things to satifsy the hunger.

Christ Followers should practice the following:

  • One: Do not let advertisements you see on billboards or on commercials distract you and make you temporarily minded rather than eternally minded. Don’t let distractions make you lose sight of now. Open your eyes to the needs of this world, people who need to be shown the love of Jesus, and opportunities to know Jesus on a deeper, more intimate level.
  • Two: Remind yourself that the things that you can buy are temporary. The gift of eternal life in Christ is forever. The things of this world will only provide temporary satisfaction, and will lead to you wanting to consume more.
  • Three: Find your satisfaction and definition in the One who created you, not the things that man creates. Only Christ can satiate your need to be whole, and is the olny one who can fill the void.

These three nuggets of advice may seem very similar to one another, so similar that it may sound repetative. But distractions, temporary satisfaction and definition, all different things, can easily be determined by consumersim.

I encourage you, the reader, to find your satisfaction and wholeness in Jesus, because He is the one who can fill you and make you complete.

On my honor I have watched the persuaders in its entirety.


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