What is “Good Writing”?

When you write a letter to someone special, you want he or she to read, understand and ponder everything you have composed on that sheet of letter paper. You want the recipient to feel your heart in what you have written. You want them to have been effected and you want their thoughts to have been provoked by your insight.

“Good writing” is writing that relays an idea, an important thought, or a special message. To write well means that you, the writer, have studiously contemplated your piece, you have written with intent, edited and published with confidence. Your composition should reflect your passion behind your idea.

Quality composition takes various forms, based on the idea the writer is trying to convey.

Rachel Ray has written numerous cook books, and for those books has won many awards. She appeals to her audience by using descriptive words that make the mouths of her readers water while reading how to cook her delicious recipes. Many would deem her a “good writer” in her field of the culinary arts.

J.K. Rowling is a New York Times Bestselling Author known for the Harry Potter collection. J.K. is able to tell a mystical story and create a magical scene in the minds of young readers with the words she chose to put onto paper. Simply put, the fame that is contained in her name qualifies her as a good writer.

Less famous than the two authors listed above, Kay Thompson is a famous childrens book author whose is best known for the Eloise books. Eloise is a famous character in children literature, but her creator lacks that fame. When a charater of fiction is just as, if not more famous than the writer, the story has been delivered with clarity, focus and in Kay Thompsons case, fun and mischeif.

The Writing Center at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, has explained that to write well, one needs to have a deeper understanding of what writing is. The writing center explains how “writing is a response…[is] linear…[and is] recursive” (1). The writer must understand that writing is en expression of emotion and knowledge. You as the writer are trying to convey and or express an idea, to which, you want a reaction. That reaction may take many forms: deep contemplation, retaliating emotions, response writing, and response speech. Writing well is thought provoking. It should inform the reader and move them emotionally.

Good writing is communicating an idea, message, story or thought to your reading demographic with clarity, intent, focus and passion.

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