Lead Practice

BOE Meeting. 
Who: Hattiesburg Board of Education. 
What: Board meeting.
When: This morning
Where: Hattiesburg
Why: To discuss rule changes for the year.

Lead: The Hattiesburg Board of Education met to discuss some rule changes. Miniskirts will be prohibited for females and all students will be prohibited from wearing blue jeans.

Faculty in Plane Crash.
Who: Professors from Backwater State University
What: Plane crash 
When: Thursday night
Where: Kennedy International Airport
Why: Coming back from conferences
How: Crashed on take off

Lead: Two professors from Backwater State University were in a plane crash while leaving a conference in New York on Thursday night.

Meeman Speaks
Who: Norman Meeman
What: Pulitzer Prize winner
When: Sunday, 4:30 p.m.
Where: William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library
Why: Speaking because he is the winner of Pulitzer Prize
How: I am not sure

The winner of the Pulitzer Prize two years ago, will be speaking on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library.

Professor Wins Award
Who: Clement Crabtree
What: The Freedoms Foundation
When: Last week
Where: Pennsylvania 
Why: George Washington Honor Medal winner
How: Cited an essay

Among 32 winners of The Freedoms Foundation George Washington Honor Medal was a horticulture professor. It was given out last week in Pennsylvania.

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