Critical Reflection #3
Maddison Clancy

Three Thoughts:

-Good opening statement/ paragraph, really makes the reader think about the social media that they use and how much time they spend on this media. It allows them to reflect on how much this media is changing their lives as becoming uncommunicative.

-Good modern day examples such as the use of current craze- the iphone 7, as a way to show people how technology is the be all and end all in our lives. How every time a new phone or technological device is released it’s the newest media craze.

-I like how you have incorporated various pictures and videos that support your blog post and nicely break up the text so that it remains appealing.

Two Questions:

-Maybe relate the question back into the teaching industry and how this ever changing ethics will impact the time when you go into a classroom.

-Add another ethical issue if you can find space and can explain it as in depth and with as much detail as you did with your other ethical issue paragraph.

One Analogy:

I really like the examples you used and how in depth you went in ensuring that the reader completely understood what you were talking about, however, another ethical issue in detail would possibly give you an edge.

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