5 Contemporary Art Investment Stars Of The Future You Should Invest In Right Now

“From an art investment point of view these artists are turning out to be exceptional. Not only is their work exceptional but so is their awareness of the marketplace. It’s of our opinion these artists are going to significantly increase in value as investment works in the next 2–5 years.”

James Nicholls is the Curator and Managing Director of Maddox Gallery. He knows his stuff; James is an art investment specialist with decades of experience, is an award-winning television producer, is resident art investment expert for British Airways, and has bookazine The Player amongst his extensive list of publishing credits.

James’s keen eye has made many an art investor a profit; it’s his eye for the rising stars of the contemporary world though that’s his most valuable feature. Below are James’s highlights for the rising contemporary art stars of the very near future, and why an early investment in these names can bring potentially large returns on investment.

The Prodigy — Simafra

Young prospect Simafra may only be in his early thirties but that hasn’t stopped him counting Cameron Diaz amongst his growing list of celebrity fans. Her New York City apartment has recently gone on the market for $4,250,000; Simafra’s contemporary paintings adorn the walls, making Diaz’s an impressive private collection.

International collectors are beginning to appreciate the young, talented Italian artist who also has a fierce following amongst interior designers, something which Simafra moonlights as. He began painting professionally in 2000 and has also worked in decoration and classic art restoration.

Toward the middle of the decade, Simafra’s work began appearing in international galleries,. The art scene fell for his natural expressive style, such as his Le 4 Stagioni de Simafra exhibit which highlights the beauty of the four seasons through entirely natural materials. Simafra has a bright future in the art investment world; Maddox Gallery also has new, specially-commissioned works by the artist, created to celebrate our December 2015 launch.

The World First — Alastair Gibson

Alastair Gibson is a natural,” comments James; Gibson can also hold the unique title of being the only artist in the world to create sculptures from carbon fibre parts coming exclusively from professional Formula 1 vehicles. Carbon fibre is Gibson’s signature with the artist a forerunner in using the medium for creative sculpting.

South African-born Gibson’s works derive from his passion for motor racing, in which he had a successful 22-year career; 14 of those in Formula 1, with four as lead mechanic for the Benetton F1 Team. It was the engineering skills he picked up on the job combined with his explosive creative vision that has seen Gibson’s works exhibited across the globe.

Alistair Gibson’s sculptures focus predominantly on his passion for marine life, made from his base in studio 45 by Oxford. “It has been a refreshing change from my previous life,” Gibson told The Daily Telegraph in 2009. Nearly seven years on, his art investment credentials continue to rise, with Rubens Barrichello the owner of one of Gibson’s best-selling piranha fish sculptures.

The National Treasure — Robi Walters

Robi Walters was named amongst The Daily Telegraph’s ’15 Top Creatives in the UK’; a huge accolade which confirms the London-born artist as a massive upcoming contemporary talent. Walters already has a string of celebrity fans including Sir Paul McCartney, Mary J. Blige, Adele, Bono and more.

They all have something in common… Robi Walters used to be a DJ on the London club scene in the ’90s with music a powerful presence in the creation of his work. Not just as an influence but also as a medium; Walters’ collages and paintings are made not only with household items but smashed vinyl records from his own collection, most notable with his 2015 Pink Floyd-inspired piece Dark Side.

Robi Walters’ pieces need a lot of time and labour invested in their creation, but the end result is always something light and positive, with style cues taken from the pop art and arte povera movements. Thandie Newton says it best: “Robi’s work provokes wordless emotion that creates an impulse of positivity, making your heart beat faster.”

The Cultured Street Artist — RETNA

American-born contemporary artist Marquis Lewis, better known as RETNA, is deeply involved in graffiti culture and street art, but is unique in that he has created his own distinctive, constructive script. Long-form and geometrical in style, RETNA’s script doesn’t belong to any specific language and draws on influences from Hebrew calligraphy, Arabic, blackletter, and even Egyptian hieroglyphics.

RETNA’s work is powerful and distinctive, and has been exhibited in Malaga, Milan, and Montreal amongst other global venues. Mixing his early self-taught Los Angeles street style with elements of fine art and sophisticated line work, RETNA’s technique is simply astounding, and is winning him an army of followers.

He’s also attracted the attention of some seriously big names in the corporate world. RETNA has previously worked with Nike and Louis Vuitton on advertising campaigns, while you can find his work cladding Justin Bieber on the cover of his recent Purpose album, exposing RETNA to a whole new world of young fashionable followers.

The Boundary Breaker — Bradley Theodore

Bradley Theodore is well on his way to international stardom, and is a contemporary artist that truly breaks boundaries because of the seamless way he blends between the worlds of art, fashion, music, and the commercial. Theodore’s fans include Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss; “Art and fashion are like husband and wife,” he recently told Guest of a Guest.

Theodore and his work could recently be spotted at New York Fashion Week; unsurprising since he’s imagined most of the fashion industry’s elite in his pieces, such as his skeletal constructs of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour. Theodore is also in touch with the classical, and would most like to have dinner with Picasso and de Kooning.

“I’m inspired by the people who change fashion and at the same time change the world,” Theodore adds. He’s well on course to do that himself thanks to his cult social following. We’re busy putting the finishing touches to Bradley Theodore’s next exhibit featuring at Maddox Gallery at the end of April 2016; keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.

Where to begin with contemporary art investment

These are the next global icons of the contemporary art world, all with works available to view and purchase at Maddox Fine Art, Mayfair’s newest home of contemporary art investment. With prices starting from as low as £5,000, investors interested in buying art can own a piece from one of these upcoming contemporary artists that can only rise in value and bring potentially large future returns.

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Written by James Nicholls, Managing Director and Curator, Maddox Gallery.

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