Fight for Cheer

In every relationship there comes a time you’ll have to deal with issues and problems, but doesn’t mean it should end there. A good thing to do is to sit and talk about it, not that you’ll make decisions you’ll regret soon.

And yeah, I’m just facing one right now. We got into a situation where she had to let me go as what her parents want. Hearing those words brought me to tears why I’m on my way to work. At work, I can’t even concentrate. All I can do is ask myself “Why? Why can’t she fight for me?”. I thought she can’t, but I know she’s just afraid and don’t want things to complicate. I kept blaming that day which I shouldn’t.

As I arrived home, I tried to call her but it won’t even ring. I messaged her parents that I’ll keep distance from their daughter for a specific span of time. I tried calling again glad she answered. I heard her crying and kept saying “Sorry”. I know she meant it, I can’t just forget what happened earlier that that. We talked ‘bout the situation and after that I went to bed and cried ‘til I fell asleep. That supposed to be our last conversation. But...

The following day I tried to stop myself to call or text her, but I failed. I called her. I told her “Can we still be together, but let’s keep it as a secret to them”. She said “Yes” and I’m so happy it went the way I expected her to answer. I don’t care if this thing shouldn’t happen ‘cause I should keep distance for now. I’ll fight for her no matter what. We’ve gone far to be afraid of how may things went. One thing’s for sure is that I’ll never leave her side.

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