Is it Possible Technology is Taking Over?

In a recent short story I read, “Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury, technology has slowly taken over, so much to the point that there is no real reason to leave your home. But is it possible that Bradbury’s story is true? Is technology slowly trapping us, pulling us deeper and deeper into the realm of cyber space? Just look around you, it’s already happening. And there’s no way to stop it. We rely more and more on technology every day. In most cases you can’t even get through a single day without it. Without my alarm clock I would be late to class every day. Let’s face it, technology makes life so much easier, so why would we give it up? Just recently Walmart started allowing their customers to order their groceries online, and have them ready to pick up and pay for when they arrive. Before we know it technology is going to start bringing groceries to our own household. If it keeps up in this direction we may be just like the tomb-like houses on deserted avenues described in Bradbury’s story. Now, I don’t know about you but I enjoy taking night time strolls down quiet streets. Even if technology continues in this direction, I don’t think it will ever keep me from going outside. But would that too make me crazy just like Mr. Mead? Will we all one day be looked at like we’re psycho all because we want to go outside? For now, there’s no telling. Only time will tell where we all end up. In the back of an empty police car headed to a Psychiatric center, or in our cold dark houses hypnotized by the dancing colors of an imaginary world.

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