Week 1 — October 26th

Interesting Events

Women’s March Convention in Detroit

Impostor Syndrome town hall in LA

Nasty Women

BS in female empowerment

Venture capitalist just for women start ups

Bjork interviews herself

Art / Advertising

Freelancing world just for females

Badass freedom for girls video song by Beyonce

Get rid of the cliches


Dicks: Do you need to be one to be a successful leader?

Lego new collection women of NASA

Bedtime stories about race and social justice

Podcast / Talks

Yes to everything: Shonda Rhimes https://goo.gl/rDBzUz

RBG gives a talk about the meaning of life at Stanford https://goo.gl/jsg9Xy

Woman + Creativity Tagline Podcast https://goo.gl/CGKhhY


See it Be it: Bridging The Confidence Gap

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