Social Media Show and Tell Event Recap

Last Monday, February 27, was a special night for Matthew Dooley’s Dooley Media as they hosted their second Social Media Show and Tell event in Over-the-Rhine’s Union Hall. By 6:00 p.m. the hall was filled with social media fanatics anxiously awaiting the start over some of Cincinnati’s finest beers.

The 2-hour event covered a few key topics such as visual storytelling, building a community and customer acquisition. The crowd tweeted questions at a panel of 5 social media experts: Tim Schmoyer (Video Creators), Levi Bethune (Cladwell & Cloverleaf), Christina Duccilli (Rookwood Pottery), Nate Engels (Northlich & Wannabite) and Lucrecer Braxton (Hello Friend Podcast &

As the questions rolled in the panelists gave useful insights by discussing personal experiences and provided tips on how to develop good content across multiple platforms.

Live video, common on Facebook and Instagram, was a topic discussed at length by the panelists, who begged the audience to practice and commit to the live video craze. I had originally regarded live video as a meaningless tool in social media but the panelists opened my eyes to the opportunities live video can provide. The greatest opportunity I took away from the live video discussion was that it gives the consumer a peak at the real you. Also, live video provides an opportunity to tell all kinds of stories with authenticity due to the inability to edit down videos or cut out mistakes.

The panelists throughout the night described how visual storytelling is a large component of developing good social media content. The story is the reason the consumers listen, so the panelists emphasized the importance of listening to the consumers and using the feedback they provide to improve content and build a fan base.

Listening to the consumers is an essential part to a successful social media presence. The panelists described advantages and disadvantages of listening to the consumers, but it was an important to note that sometimes the audience is not aware of what they want, which forces the creators to take risks. And, when those risks don’t work out, the panelists’ recommended we stay loyal, consistent and committed to the brand and the brand’s consumers and everything will work out.

The event provided fantastic insight on how to build and maintain a successful social media presence and the causal environment encouraged participation and camaraderie amongst the audience. Fabulous event and fabulous insight!