Media Lit Post #1

On September 16th, a man named Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by a a police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The police officer who had shot Terence claimed that Terence seemed to go to the car to reach out for a weapon. However, Crutcher’s family states that Terence was waiting on the side of the road for help after his car broke down.

This is a tragedy that, unfortunately, isn’t the first time of it’s kind have happened. I don’t think it’s right to take a person’s life because someone assumes they’re doing wrong things. Terence wasn’t being violent, he was simply being silent, which he has a right to do. He wasn’t bringing any harm to the police officers. I think that they had no right to take his life, especially since he wasn’t harming anyone.

The police officer claims that she thought that Terence Crutcher was going in his car reaching for a weapon. However, this does not give her the right to shoot him because she didn’t know for sure what exactly he was doing. A very good point has been brought up by a lawyer stating; “Why is an unarmed black man who has committed no crime, who only needed a helping hand, given bullets in his lung?” This brings up a very good point. Some people bring up a point that a man’s life has been taken because he was in need of help, but there’s still terrorists out there who are being arrested still alive.

I think that this tragedy occurred because of who Terence Crutcher is. This follows the #blacklivesmatter issue as well. Terence’s sister even pointed out how the police officers in the helicopter from above the scene were referring him to as a “big bad dude”. So, they assumed that he was a danger just because of how he looks. Some people think that they shot him just because of his race. Yet, the police officer claims that it had nothing to do with race, and that if they believe that a suspect is “under the influence” could have “unpredictable behavior”.

I think that this could have played a factor into the incident, but I don’t think it was the major cause. I think that the police officers were too quick to judge and were inconsiderate as to what really was going on. The police officer repeatedly states that they “thought” or they “assumed”. I don’t think it’s right for them to just assume that he is armed. Because they assumed, Terence Crutcher is now dead. I think they should have checked and made sure what they thought was true or not before they took his life away. It’s not only they just took an innocent life, but they affected many more lives. Terence Crutcher had a family which he loved, and now their lives, too, are affected.

This story is very biased because the police officer who had shot Terence Crutcher doesn’t see what they did as a bad thing. They see it as them trying to protect themselves and other people’s lives, including their own. However, articles are making the police officers come off as the “bad guys”. I agree because they had no right to take an innocent man’s life, just because they thought he was armed.