A Trap called Entrepreneurship

A new Cool term is circling around in Colleges and at various other places. The term is ‘Entrepreneurship’.

More and more Start ups are getting launched daily and a lot of people have started calling themselves Entrepreneurs.

Just like back in 2005/2006, the Person with a Guitar was called a Stud. Today “Startup Entrepreneur” is the new Cool Dude.

Sounds Great that so many people are taking the path of Entrepreneurship.
But Wait, Starting just for the sake that we just want to start whatever it may be, WON’T WORK AT ALL.

I definitely agree that people learn only by Practice so taking the First Step is important but beware that Entrepreneurship is something which does not explode in 1 Day or 1 month or 1 year or in any time frame.

Founder of ‘Angry Birds’ took 10 years to achieve Real Success while the journey was 20 years for the Founder of ‘Pokemon Go’

Are you ready to dedicate this much time and energy?

Just for Facts

96% Startups shut down every year
  • People end up in huge debts and losses
  • An Entrepreneur is bound to have sleepless nights with tensions and new creative ideas running in mind every day
  • Be prepared to Work 17–18 hours in a Day
  • Every day is a challenge and presents a new problem
  • You won’t have many Friends
  • You will lose your Partners in the Long Run
  • Forget Saturday night Parties, you need Funds for Investments
  • Heated arguments and discussions will become a part of Life
  • Forget every Leisure until your Startup is giving you decent returns to fulfil your Daily needs (not the ultimate Dream but at least minimum basic requirements)
  • Getting Funding is Success. NOOOO…It is ultimately a Loan which you have to re pay. Take latest examples of high profile startups Askme, Flipkart Nearby, Peppertap getting closed this year.

…..And many more points I can add to this list.

Am I scaring you?
No,, I am writing this just to ensure that you know that ‘Entrepreneurship is not so Cool’
Good thing is
2016–17 is the Best Time to become an Entrepreneur
  • Even young kids in 5–6th standards have full fledged access to Internet. This is Huge Opportunity. (My first interaction with Orkut was when I took admission in first year in College, that too in a shared computer with 200 people in queue to use Internet)
  • Internet gives you the Opportunity to access any Basic to Advanced level knowledge
  • This is Best Time for even Work from Home Opportunities
  • There is Huge respect for SKILL in the Market. So if you are skilful, you can never be out of Business
  • New ideas are getting funded every day
  • Personal mentoring opportunities are available with access to Internet
  • That elusive One Idea / One Big Dream will keep you going :-)

……. And again so many points can be added to this list too.

Its upto you to decide which side SCARES or EXCITES you.

Giving it a pause, just remember that No Entrepreneurship can be pursued without Cash. CASH INFLOW IS THE OXYGEN. If you don’t have Oxygen you will Die.

If you don’t have enough Cash to start then you might Lose Steam.

Solution :

1.) Start with Huge Cash Deposits
2.) Use your Skills to Earn Money and work silently for your ONE ELUSIVE DREAM
3.) Funding — If it’s THE IDEA about which you are very confident and requires Huge Investment

There is never a Wrong Time to do the Right Thing

You can start when you are 40 or 14 but remember all the above stated points will remain as true to you as it is for me or for any Entrepreneur in this World.

You ready for the Trap?

If reading this actually motivated you to Pursue your Passion even more, which will happen to just 1 out of 100 readers, then Welcome to the Entrepreneurship club :-)

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