Happy New Year 2018 !!!

When I am writing this story our whatsapp message box is full of happy new year wishes and our mind is full of opportunity to look forward. It’s time to hit refresh as the year opens its arms to our dream to comes true. Here I am going to share how I am going to spend my 2018.

Top 5 technologies to watch

  1. Virtual reality — VR is first on my list because VR is most developing technology in past years. In 2017 we saw its transition from a curiosity into a tangible tool. We all are expecting a lot from this year to bring virtual reality into the game.
  2. Augmented reality — AR is simple reality overlapped with some extra digital graphics. Have you ever wondered why Galaxy S8 or iPhone X is different from other phones. All the AR apps run on these phone much effectively. With these phones you won’t feel apps like a tech demo. In reality all our phones are now able to run some AR stuff. The tech giant is giving a signal that more and more Pokemon Go are coming.
  3. Mixed reality — In simple it is merging a real and virtual world to create a new environment. Holo lens is an example of mixed reality. It is closing the gap between Virtual reality and Augmented reality. Microsoft is investing the hardest to make this work and during my MSBuild tour, visit I was impressed with this new technology. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens
  4. Transportation — From self driving car to electric car. 2018 is a big changing year in transportation. We are experimenting more and more with driver-less car and in this process there is big shift of a car making company from automobile to transportation. Clean energy is the need of the hour so our car makers will shift from oil to electric. We are going to see many more electric car and bikes on the road. Hyperloop one is the next medium of transportation. I can tell many excitement and challenges are ahead in 2018 for transportation.
  5. Data — To make this world better, data is going to play a big role. What we need our machine to learn is data. To remove the fake news we need data to filter and similarly there are many applications of data. Big data will hot in 2018.

Other Technology to watch : Cryptocurrency, Robotics, AI and yes I love you Siri.

Top 5 Programming language to learn

  1. Javascript — 1. According to stackoverflow JS is used programming language across the world. Full of new libraries https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_JavaScript_libraries and there are many new way to show your creativity. Combination of HTML, CSS and any of the frameworks make your website interactive and just more than awesome. Yes this is not as useful as python and Java but JavaScript is easy to learn and one of the best for front end development.
  2. Java — Yes Java, its 2018 and Java is second in my list. Well Java is developed to overcome the complexity of C++. Its popularity cannot be overstated. Every day by day Java is becoming more and more comfortable for a variety of domains. Most of the big companies are using Java for their back end development. Java is still the first choice of many developers because of the APIs and the work Java can do.
  3. C# — The huge amount of developers are completely aligned towards Microsoft Technology. C# is designed by Microsoft. Powered by.NET platform C# is used for Microsoft applications. Supporting many of the features of other language like OOPS c# is my third choice because of its popularity and enhancement.
  4. Python — Hot language of recent past python took pace in the last year. Lots of companies these days are using python. Easy implementation of algorithm are making python a unique language. Most sailing books of 2017 are in Python.
  5. PHP — According to some sources around 15 million website runs on PHP. To make dynamic website and web application PHP is still front runner for many companies.

Other language which is going to boom are ReactJS, Ruby

Book in shelf

  1. The Pragmatic Programmer — In this book, author discussed much core issue of programming, tips and tricks. Designing and architects. Author also discussed how to make developments more precise with automation. Looking forward to read this in upcoming weeks.
  2. Principles — Written by one of most successful investors and entrepreneurs explain how to balance between life and business. Yes, there is some thin line and lets see what that line is thin.
  3. One Mission –Written by Chris Fussell explain about team building. How leaders build a team of team.
  4. The Best We Could Do — This book is written by The Bui and recommended by Bill Gates. A story of Vietnamese refugees who came to the United States after the fall of Saigon in 1975.
  5. The Power of Broke — If success stopping any entrepreneur then how to overcome from this. A book written by Daymond John which silently tell us how to be innovative even when you broke.

Traveling is as important as reading the books. I will share my updates of traveling in coming days.

My message for 2018 to you is Stay motivated.



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