My Retail Lover

This title is about 82% click bait. I didn’t exactly have a lover at work- but perhaps a love interest(?) is a better way to put it. The interest wasn’t from me to another human but the other way around. Someone clingy and strange and old; someone who should not be finding their forever-after in a jeans store.

“Age doesn’t matter” -creepy lover guy

Let’s start at the beginning…

It was like any other shift. Customers come, they go, however my store doesn’t often have many male customers that come in so when they do, it is noticed. I wasn’t the one serving this guy at the time but I could sense his eyes burning a bigger hole in my ripped jeans. Not to sound cocky but you can tell when someone is checking you out. He seemed cute enough. Anyways he didn’t end up buying anything and left- however a couple of hours past and he comes back in. I had made a mental note of what he had tried on (Don’t ask me why, it’s just a retail thing) and when he came back I with ease grabbed the pants he was after. Everything was normal, was serving him at the till with no worries. I did my usual speech, “Are you a member?” “Do you want to sign up today” “Our jeans have a lifetime guarantee…bla bla bla”. After all of that the conversation went a little bit like this…

“I didn’t want to ask you before in front of your friends… But are you single?”

Now this question is a funny one- it has the power to make you blush and laugh and just get all embarrassed within 2 seconds of the question being asked.

Anywways.. So I replied with a laugh saying yes (I should’ve said no), but I am that single that I can’t even lie about having a boyfriend. So he followed with the standard “Could I get your number then?” I did give give him my number — I ripped off an extra piece of receipt roll and scribbled down my digits. By this time my co-worker had come up to the counter too and was making small talk, like a Mum who is majorly cock-blocking you.

The shift ended and I went home and had a text from this guy. Let’s call him “James” for the purpose of this story. I messaged the work-group-chat and we ended up tracking down this guys Facebook page, he did look a fair bit older and was kind of weird looking too. We proceeded to chat a bit just about general stuff, classic first meeting small talk. What do you do? Are you studying? What are your hobbies? etc.

I decided to clear the air about his age. Turns out he was 30… Now 25 is my max age on talking and hooking up with guys, and I feel like most guys any older wouldn’t go for anyone that much younger as well. I just loled about his age and really backed off the texting, because tbh, he was coming across really strong. He went on to say how we should go for dinner and that because I would be living at home that I can go and stay at his house… This was when it got weird. I told him no and that I wasn’t interested but he did not take the hint.

I would have numerous texts from him asking to meet up and to hang out and I politely declined everytime. Things didn’t stop here though, it got creepier and creepier.

I never saved James’ number in my phone. I never save anyones number in my phone. Especially in terms of random boys that I’m talking to, because unless you are actually going to become important to me, you do not get to be saved into my contact book. After a couple of months of having nothing to do with him I got a text. At first I wasn’t sure who it was from as I never really know. But it was an invite to his 31st birthday drinks. I got this “group invite” 4 weekends in a row. Clearly 31 year olds can not organise drinks to save their lives. I ignored the text every time no worries. A few more months would go by and I would get the occasional text saying my name and it usually followed with replies of me asking who the person was. With them never telling me their identity.

One night I was out at one of the clubs in crown with the girls. When I had this random number texting me, asking me what was up and if I was out. I kept asking, who is this, should I know this number? They kept replying in a shocked way that he seemed pretty offended that I had no idea who this said person was. So I decided to call him. It went straight to voicemail… “Hi, you’ve called James, leave a message” I panicked. Hung up, blocked his number and went to get another drink.

my reaction after hearing his voicemail.

And that is the end of James. Thankfully haven’t heard from or seen him again.

That is all from me on this strange story. Thanks for reading. -Maddy