The Brand Andrea Neri was born in the 90s and realizes the dream of Andrea Pannuzzi, the son of the tailor Silvano Pannuzzi, founder of a coat and outerwear manufacturer in the hills of Tuscany. Fascinated by this background and aware of his important family experience in the production for major Italian and foreign fashion brands, Andrea wanted to combine the roots and know-how of his company. He expressed them in an essential “Capsule Collection” of jackets and clothes, which was characterized by exceptional quality. The Collection Andrea Neri is expressed through an egocentric and proudly Italian style.

With a constant dedication to research and experimentation in outerwear, the collection has evolved and expanded finding its own identity to appeal to the still dissatisfied “classic” consumer of our days. The consumer who wants suits and jackets in which you can find perfection of form with a strong personality, characterized by a unique, creative and gritty taste, but always and strictly 100% Made in Tuscany.

Arezzo, Fashion


Originally published at on January 15, 2015.

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