Here is What Happens when My Phone Battery is Empty

I was in the train commuting home when my phone battery is completely out. The one thing that I, and most people do, when I’m in the train is to hold onto the dear iPhone to access the world current affairs. So, when the phone is dead, that’s a strange territory to experience.

This is what happens when my phone was that on that fateful day.

I saw people standing and seating. Some are sleeping. Most had their eyes locked to the mobile phones. Being immersed in the games they played, or focusing on the daily current affairs presented by their walls in the Facebook app.

I started to notice people, their dress, the accessories they put to spice up their appearance, the smell of the air in the train, and the logo engraved under the train door.

I even tried to guess people’s profile by their appearance. Whether they were students, Nurses, or people with desk job. I also wondered about the experience the person next to had been through by the shape of his tattoos and the way they are arranged.

I was in the train and my phone battery was flat. I was disappointed as I thought I had lost all they joy I’ve got from Internet and games. It was supposed to be a boring one hour journey home. On the contrary, I was a beautiful trio. I’d got to experience the little things that I’d taken for granted. I let myself immersed in those little things, and they were beautiful.

My battery was flat, yet my heart was filled with joy.