The day a publisher discovered a promising project in my portfolio

The typical project cycle for me, back when I was student studying graphic design, always ended the same way: Submit the final project on the due date, receive the grade feedback from the professor, then photograph the work to upload to my online portfolio, and move on to the next project.

Until one day, when a book publisher representative on the other side of the country discovered a humble but imaginative book project in my portfolio; and proceeded to message me…

Hi Gabriel,

My name is Aaron Downey. I’m…

Live, Laugh, Love with Ryan Hammond

A Pumpkin Spice Vibe with Ryan Hammond
A Pumpkin Spice Vibe with Ryan Hammond
Live, Laugh, Love with Ryan Hammond

The September equinox has come and gone, October approaches, and Basic Fall is here in force. You know what Basic Fall is. We all do. Summer tapers to a close until one morning you step outside and discover a blanket of freshly fallen pumpkin spice coating every item in Target. This seems to happen earlier and earlier every year and frankly it can start to make you plain fed up.

Unless you’re me! Because I love it folks! The fun police want to deride Basic Fall enthusiasts for being stoked on a season with the best weather, tastiest flavors, comfiest…

Scholastic suggestions for students and students-at-heart

The streets and coffee shops of Kent are brimming with students, newly-installed air conditioning units peek out of apartment windows, and our studio calendar has transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors. This can only mean one thing: school is back in session for students AND for us! 5 out of 8 members of our studio have got syllabi on the brain. We teach courses on Design Thinking, Motion Design, Digital Citizenship, Advanced Typography, and more to students majoring in everything from Art and Design to Computer Science and Communications. As we begin to share more of our time between the…

E+E’s extremely biased advice for your best (hot) summer yet!

Cover art by Alex Catanese

It’s summertime at Each + Every, and the only thing hotter than my car’s vinyl steering wheel after a day of sitting in the parking lot outside of our office is the hot takes you’ll hear from our team about this season’s latest TV shows, movie debuts, album releases, and food + bevs!

In that spirit, each member of our studio invites you to grab a cool beverage, set up your lawn chair, apply SPF 50 sunblock, and take a moment to relax and enjoy our Hot Summer Hot Takes. We can’t promise that you’ll agree with what we share…

Time is a theoretical construct, but here’s how we spend ours.

Illustration of our studio home on North Water Street in Kent, Ohio by Leah Day.

5 to 8 a.m.: Rise, wash and address Powerful Goodness; contrive day’s business and take the resolution of the day; prosecute the present study; and breakfast.
8 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Work.
12 to 2 p.m.: Read or overlook my accounts, and dine.
2 to 6 p.m.: Work.
6 to 10 p.m.: Put things in their places, supper, music, or diversion, or conversation; examination of the day.
10 p.m. to 5 a.m.: Sleep.

This is the daily routine of Each + Every’s the founder, Nate Mucha. Just kidding, this is the daily routine of a different kind of founder: Founding…

The Question Keeping Us Up at Night

Illustration by Cait Giambroni • Article by Grace Leuenberger

A few weeks ago, a conversation exploded onto our studio’s Slack channel — the kind of conversation that, if it had happened in “real-life,” would have looked like a lot of people yelling at each other while cherry picking lines from various Wikipedia articles. Was it an argument about the ethics of the design profession? Was it a political debate? Was it a discussion on whether or not Avatar should really have four sequels? Actually, it was about salad. “Salad?! But you’re a design studio!” you interject. …

E+ E’s Guide to the Buckeye State

Winter is gone and Spring has arrived in Ohio no matter what the still-remaining snow piles in grocery store parking lots may suggest! Now that we can confidently (🙏🏻) put our snow shovels away, we are thinking about all the spring and summer adventures ahead of us here in Northeast Ohio. Despite what history, television, your grandfather, or the internet has told you, Ohio is a wonderful state filled with many things to do for lovers of both the great outdoors or the great indoors, too!

We each took some time to write down some of our favorite spots here…

Each + Every’s Reflections on Confections

Donut, doughnut, cronut, fettiglich, cruller, Berliner, olykoek…whatever name you call it, chances are that you were one of 202 million Americans who consumed this delicious baked good during 2018. While the history of the donut is quite complicated (see Smithsonian Magazine’s “The History of the Donut”), our studio’s love of donuts is quite uncomplicated. Simply, we love donuts. Food is one of our studio’s most popular discussion topics (we have a Slack channel just for recipes), and donuts are certainly one of our more popular subtopics within that discussion. Have you really navigated workplace…

Valentine’s Day might have passed, but we think the spirit of Valentine’s Day can live on far after the chocolates have been consumed, the flowers have wilted, and the giant teddy bear has been stuffed into your closet until Marie Kondo shows up at your house for season 2 of Tidying Up.

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, each member of our studio is sharing something that they love. Enjoy!

1. Salam Oelek

Midwest is best, and Kent is even better.

Photo by Each + Every outside of our studio.

By Grace Leuenberger | Project Manager + Designer

“You’re moving where?”

Around this time last year, I sat several of my friends down to let them know I had taken a job with a design studio in Kent, Ohio and would be moving in a few months. The looks on their faces were similar to that of when you get a bad haircut and show up to first period at school the next day and must confront your friends with your new ‘do. As confusion and a touch of horror flashed across my friends’ faces, I assured them that, “I’m…

Each + Every

Each + Every is a multidisciplinary design studio in Kent, Ohio.

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