The day a publisher discovered a promising project in my portfolio

The typical project cycle for me, back when I was student studying graphic design, always ended the same way: Submit the final project on the due date, receive the grade feedback from the professor, then photograph the work to upload to my online portfolio, and move on to the next project.

Until one day, when a book publisher representative on the other side of the country discovered a humble but imaginative book project in my portfolio; and proceeded to message me…

Hi Gabriel,

My name is Aaron Downey. I’m the managing editor of Rio Nuevo Publishers in Tucson, Arizona. Your Navajo Code Talker Manual looks really cool; glad I stumbled across it. Do you think that’s something that you would consider modifying into a book format for publication? This is a project I would love to pitch to my boss. We are a wing of a distribution company that does a lot of business on the Navajo reservation. Please let me know what you think. …

Live, Laugh, Love with Ryan Hammond

Live, Laugh, Love with Ryan Hammond

The September equinox has come and gone, October approaches, and Basic Fall is here in force. You know what Basic Fall is. We all do. Summer tapers to a close until one morning you step outside and discover a blanket of freshly fallen pumpkin spice coating every item in Target. This seems to happen earlier and earlier every year and frankly it can start to make you plain fed up.

Unless you’re me! Because I love it folks! The fun police want to deride Basic Fall enthusiasts for being stoked on a season with the best weather, tastiest flavors, comfiest clothes, nicest aromas, and chillest events. But I am out here letting my Fall flag fly. Any of my friends in the studio can tell you that this year in particular I’ve been brimming with autumnal glee — I figure I probably ought to write down my big plans for spooky season. …

Scholastic suggestions for students and students-at-heart

The streets and coffee shops of Kent are brimming with students, newly-installed air conditioning units peek out of apartment windows, and our studio calendar has transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors. This can only mean one thing: school is back in session for students AND for us! …


Each + Every

Each + Every is a multidisciplinary design studio in Kent, Ohio.

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