Valentine’s Day might have passed, but we think the spirit of Valentine’s Day can live on far after the chocolates have been consumed, the flowers have wilted, and the giant teddy bear has been stuffed into your closet until Marie Kondo shows up at your house for season 2 of Tidying Up.

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, each member of our studio is sharing something that they love. Enjoy!

1. Salam Oelek

Cait: “If I were to write a love letter to one item, it would probably be the best and most versatile condiment, salam oelek. May they never change the gold chicken packaging.” • Try it for yourself.

2. Delfonics pencils

Alex: “What more is there to say? It’s a nice pencil!” • Delfonics Instagram

3. Fonts

Gabe: “Domaine is a typeface that combines the luxury and sophistication of a fine wine with the sturdy ruggedness of a handcrafted wooden table that Ron Swanson would be proud of. I like to use Domaine on projects that combine bold messages with elegance and personality. The font family is designed by Klim Type Foundry.”

4. Follain

Bethany: “Follain is a female run clean beauty company with great design!”

5. Baggu

Katey: “For Christmas and my birthday, Alex (my husband) just bought me a bunch of Baggu bags because he GETS ME. I love ’em because they’re well made, are simple shapes, and they have endless prints and colors to choose from.”

6. Sahale snack mixes

Ryan: “Y’all know it’s gonna be Sahale Snacks for me. Look at all the flaves!” • Research reveals that there are a lot of flaves!

7. The Good Place

Grace: “I used to hear people talk about The Good Place and I thought it sounded kinda dumb but then I watched it and realized I was dumb for thinking it was dumb. It is, in fact, very VERY good.”

8. Mechanical keyboards

Nate: “Spending so much time working at a computer, I’ve discovered that a more tactile and customizable typing experience is highly enjoyable. My favorite keyboard is a 60% Poker 3 with Cherry MX Brown switches and WASD custom keycaps. It’s like writing on a nice piece of paper with your favorite pen or pencil.”

There you have it folks! We hope you enjoyed our list of Things We Like. Feel free to comment and let us know about things YOU like — we always love hearing about what other people love, too.

Until next time,

❤ Your E + E pals