Why it is ok to ask questions and push for change

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What does [ your favourite app ] run on?

Turns out the internet and all the digital products and services within it do not run on fairy dust and copious amounts of coffee. So what DO they run on?

Dig around and see what you can find

First off, fire up your search engine (have you tried Ecosia.org yet?) and do some research into the app/website’s sustainability policy. Good keywords to try are “[name]+sustainability”, “[name]+impact” or perhaps “[name]+environment”.

Reach out and ask questions

Ok, so what if you are not able to dig out any useful information? Well, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Creating and delivering online products and services is a complex task which tends to absorb a lot of a team’s focus. It’s then easy for other things to get overlooked and take the backseat: like including sustainability information within a content strategy.


Advocate for change

Whether you received good or bad news in terms of how sustainable a product is, you don’t have to stop there. In fact, there’s more that can be done to improve things and lay the foundations for a more circular and ethical future.

ClickUp Changelog

Your opinion matters

Today’s customer demands shape the services of tomorrow — so fire up your email and reach out to product teams all over, I have the feeling they will be happy to listen.

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