Ever since I was a child I’ve had insanely vivid dreams. I used to experience dream states while being awake. Even to this day my dreams feel like a part of my waking reality and their presence often changes my perspective during waking hours.

This night I had a particularly…

It all started one horribly bright and sunny morning during another miserable jaunt across the all too gorgeous campus at UC Santa Barbara. I was definitely not enjoying the painfully crisp sea air blowing through my unkempt brown locks of hair, not excited at all about the prospect of finally…

How to embrace change and keep motivated

No one is perfect. That is why no process will ever be even remotely perfect. As we come to grips with our own fallibility, it should not only give us a sense of humbleness but an impetus to accept and learn from mistakes. …

Paul Lumsdaine

Designing for Rocket Scientists at NASA JPL

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