Ever since I was a child I’ve had insanely vivid dreams. I used to experience dream states while being awake. Even to this day my dreams feel like a part of my waking reality and their presence often changes my perspective during waking hours.

This night I had a particularly interesting dream. It’s origins were a bit hazy but I found myself exploring a large outdoor courtyard in the middle of a yard sale. …

It all started one horribly bright and sunny morning during another miserable jaunt across the all too gorgeous campus at UC Santa Barbara. …

Whether it’s continually checking notifications, binge watching a television series, or curating your online identity through a string of food pics and selfies, there has never been a time in human history where individuals are so deeply focused on these “tools” not as a means to living life but as a substitute for life in itself.

I am by no means a technophobe. I grew up steeped in video game culture, spent countless hours on a Nintendo or my family’s Apple IIe playing and experimenting with every aspect of the technology at the time. I was a computer geek from a very early age, built my first PC at around age 12, went to LAN parties on the weekends in high school, created counter strike tournaments in the dorms, cracked open World of Warcraft a few days after it came out. Somewhere along the way I realized that these skills in technology could provide me with a means for a successful career. …

Paul Lumsdaine

Designing for Rocket Scientists at NASA JPL

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