As you do, I have been looking back at the year that passed yesterday. Personally, it has been a spectacular year and I decided to write down a little narrative of my 2017.

January to February
I was sending out applications to get my first web developer job. Besides my normal job, I was attending codebar to improve my portfolio and spent several nights a week coding, learning, practising, reading. I completed Wes Bos brilliant #JavaScript30 course.

I was a bit down from having no luck at all with my job applications. I went to my first SheSays Brighton event, the theme was “the Future Female” and I remember leaving so god damn inspired. Empowered. It was great. I felt like I was going to be one of the women standing on that stage one day.

This month was also the month it turned for me. I went to Wired Sussex Talent 2017 job fair and got myself an interview. I got 2 interviews in one week and I nailed them both. I realised that I love this so much, it was easy to talk about. My passion came through more in person than any written application ever did. I got offered a junior position at Gene that was going to start in June. Yes. Yes. Yes.

April to May
The 2 months left in my current job felt really long. I was asked to become a coach at codebar instead of a student. It was hard the first few times but now I absolutely love it. Cassie & Alice asked me to jump on as an co-organiser as well, which I gladly did.

June to August
Started my job and absolutely loved every minute of it. Attended my first web conference Patterns Day. Went to the Wired Sussex summer meetup and played jenga. I was coaching/co-organising codebar every Tuesday. Summer flew by.

My first proper project went live and it was very exciting. Attended my first Uncodebar! Went to another brilliant She Says Brighton event, this time the theme was “Save The World.” As always, really inspiring. We held our first codebar workshop weekend as part of the Brighton Digital Festival, which was very successful and lovely.

I did something terrifying and spoke in public about my journey in to tech as a part of Wired Sussex Open Studio at FuseBox. “Making it in the digital Sector”. I was so freaking nervous and the feeling I felt after nailing my talk was incredible. Super proud over that one. Watched people code in the dark, codebar did an Async takeover and I went to my first Brighton Digital Women event.

November to December
I went to Bytes Conference as they picked codebar as this year’s charity. I got to see codebar Brighton’s own Amber Wilson speak. Really nice evening! In one week, 3 codebar students who has been coming to codebar during the year got offered jobs, which was so awesome to hear! Went to Wired Sussex Christmas Party with some of the Genies. And codebar ended the year with a Christmas party that was so full of love!

In summary
I got my dream job. I attended 41 codebar workshops, more than half as an organiser/coach. I did my first public talk. I met loads of wonderful people. I learned a lot both professionally and personally.

Overall, an amazing year in Brighton. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it! Here’s to 2018! 🎉

Swedish girl in Brighton. Junior frontend developer at @gene_commerce. Massive fan and co-organiser of @CodebarBrighton 👩🏻‍💻✨

Swedish girl in Brighton. Junior frontend developer at @gene_commerce. Massive fan and co-organiser of @CodebarBrighton 👩🏻‍💻✨