Another new year, another new blogpost about how my year has been! At the beginning of this year, I didn’t think anything could top my 2017 but I was wrong.

If you didn’t know this about me, I love to document my life. I do it both personally and professionally because I love being able to go back and see what I have been up to. Sometimes it is just a few notes on each day, sometimes it is a bit longer. But doing this makes me able look back on the year and write up a little summary of my 2018.


I also signed up for CNC 2018 set up by CodeNewbie. I did this twice over the year, but failed to complete the challenges both times. First one was Blog More, which I realise isn’t a thing for me so at least I got something out of it! Second time (in July) I signed up to Code More, which started out great but then ran out in the sand after 3 weeks. Time wise, it didn’t work for me but let’s see if I try it again in 2019 :) This is also the month where I joined the gym as I wanted to start exercising again (something I completely neglected in 2017).


This month we had one of our biggest codebar workshop ever! It was hosted at Fusebox and sponsored by Ocasta. We of course had to take a group photo:

Happy people at codebar Brighton

I spent some time planning a codebar weekend workshop that was gonna take place in March, I spent 1 unplanned week in Sweden due to family emergency and I started learning React on codecademy.


In other great news, I had a 1 to 1 with my boss this month and he told me that we can now officially remove ‘Junior’ from my title — wooooop! 🎉



I also checked back to my PluralSight JavaScript goals where I might not have made as much progress as I originally wanted but I had made some progress.


Gene was a part of Job Fair for Talent Festival so I gladly volunteered to be at our stand and talk to any job seekers. The day after, Chloe and I were at the Skills Summit (also a part of Talent Festival) where we spoke to companies about our journey’s in to tech.

The lovely Anwen joined the codebar Brighton organisers & I ended the month being on holiday in Tenerife, kayaking with dolphins.


Anwen and I got to meet Amalia and Lori from codebar Barcelona when they were visiting in Brighton.

I went to Wired Sussex Summer Meetup (we played jenga again!) and I attended another codebar Brighton weekend workshop about Practical 3D for Websites.

I also signed up to mentorship matchmaking — and I got assigned Kael who is a developer in Cameroon. I shared my goals about improving my JavaScript and React and he set me off straight away with a challenge to build progressive web app. To this date, we have only been able to work on this challenge as we both have been quite busy but I have still learned from doing this project & we have been keeping in contact since and plan to kick off with more again in the new year.


I did start going to a physiotherapist this month, something I wanted to do for a while. I have had symptoms of RSI in my arms for about 6 months and my shoulders were incredibly tight and my upper back strength was not very good at all. I was given a programme to follow and told to stretch every day, I also made sure to improve my desk position at work so I was not sitting bent over a laptop all day.


A few of us girls from Gene also went to She Says Brighton the day after — always one of my favourite events of the year.

The day after that was uncodebar in London! The 4th edition of this unconference was held at Twitter UK. I saw some very interesting talks and it was a really inspiring and fun day.

This was also a month where I had a stressful week at work. 3 of the developers I normally rely on were all on holiday and to be honest, I was really scared. I wasn’t left on my own completely but I had to step out of my comfort zone to survive. It might sound like nothing to you but I have always felt a bit insecure (and I still do) at work so this week was a bit of a game changer for me. My confidence grew and I loved it.

And at the end of the month, a few of the developers from Gene took part in Huxleys Big Fat End of September Tech Quiz and Bingo which was SO fun and geeky.


Some pics from SINC_HACK

I took part in my first Hackathon ever — SINC_HACK. It was a part of Brighton Digital Festival and in honour of Ada Lovelace Day. We spent 12 hours at the Sussex Innovation Centre where we came up with ideas on how to bring more women in to STEM. We wrote a business model, built a prototype and pitched in front of judges at the end of the day.

It was a long but amazing day, I throughly enjoyed it and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I also got to meet loads of lovely women and a few of them even started coming to codebar workshops after this :)

Chloe and I did another talk for Wired Sussex, this time at FuseBox at an evening called “Kick-starting your career in digital”.

I decided to take part in Hacktoberfest because I have never contributed to open source projects before. At the beginning, I was struggling to find an issue I was confident enough to work on. One evening at codebar, I decided to just go for it and contributed to a Google Chrome extension. I never worked on an extension before, I sort of googled my way through it but I opened a pull request AND IT GOT ACCEPTED AND MERGED. Full of happy emotions, I spent the next 5 evenings completing 4 more pull requests — that also got accepted and merged!! 🎉

We had a coding challenge at work to help us learn some new technology. We had 1 week to complete it and in the end I won, but I think this was mainly because I was the only one who had the time to properly complete it 😆. I also asked for help as I was going through it — without asking and getting help, I wouldn’t have completed it. But anyway, I won 20 pounds 🎉

ooh and codebar Brighton was featured in the Guardian!


I got to attend FFconf! It was an amazing day, I loved every bit of it. All the talks were interesting and the whole atmosphere was just inspiring. I was incredibly starstruck as I realised I was in the same room as Tim Holman. Is it normal to be starstruck by developers? Anyway. He spoke about his “silly and useless” projects that he still learned plenty from doing. Ah he was hilarious. I’m sorry, I will calm down now. He is so awesome though. I was too scared to talk to him at the drinks after which I will regret forever now. Anyway.

I also got signed off from my physiotherapy (woop!) and 4 of my girlfriends from Sweden came to visit which was such a blast.


We had our Gene Christmas party where Chloe and I also organised an awards ceremony for everyone. We created 10 awards and everyone in the office got to cast their votes. And I ended up winning an award myself!

On the 18th, we held the codebar Brighton Christmas party at C:\Side Quest which was just as amazing as last year. Clearleft sponsored drinks and food and a few companies sponsored with prizes to our Christmas competition.

Thursday before the Christmas break, we had a developer day at Gene. We were split in teams and worked on different things to improve and streamline our processes. I got to learn about automated testing and testing React components, super fun!


Thanks to everyone who was a part of it 💜

Swedish girl in Brighton. Junior frontend developer at @gene_commerce. Massive fan and co-organiser of @CodebarBrighton 👩🏻‍💻✨