April 2016

  • 90–95 degree on left arm and follow through with natural force
  • Slow Backswing on “wood”
  • Normal to slow backswing on “iron”
  • Downswing with natural force and wrist moved naturally from left over right to right over left when it ends
  • Wood 1 (my “thunder storm”): ball on left arm pit and still going right around 60%(120–130 yards)
  • Wood 7 (my “Red Lady”): ball located on a inner left and still going right about 30% (90–120 yards)
My Red lady has to be treated softly. Treat her gently with slow backswing and don’t use force at all.
  • Left knee is upfront when doing backswing and follow through. Probably my power is from my core body that is regulated by my knee movement
  • Iron 7: knee movement and follow through/direction: straight (75–90 yards)
  • P : knee movement and follow through/direction: straight (50–75 yards for 90 degree, 25–30 yards for half swing)
  • S: knee movement and follow through/direction: straight (40–50 yards for 90 degree, 20–25 yards for half swing)
More mistakes and what should be done after talking to a lady and her bf whose swing are very powerful
  • Mistake on Backswing is on my right knee. Don’t pull up but keep it like it is on backswing
  • Downswing: energy starts from right arm pulling down with waist and hip power
  • Practice muscle of hip and waist at home by moving waist with hands on your stomach but your hands shouldn’t move.
  • I didn’t use other sources of power on my swing. Focus more on core muscle twist
  • Practice with a beginner rag at home. Hear the sound of your downswing

May 2016

Forget all of the above….

Apply the three rules!

-do your things

-slow and short


  • Wrong scars on the right thumb means you didn’t follow through with natural flow of wrist.
  • Go up with core power and shoulder
  • Feet put weight inside and maintain well balance
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