Daughter : Mom are you ok?


Mom : Yes hunny am ok *smiles*


Daughter : But you dont look ok



Mom : Sweetheart i have to tell

you a secret…


Daughter : What secret mom?


Mom : I left something for you at

home in my drawer,its in a

brown envelope.


Daughter : Is it money mom?


Mom : Just look for it when you

get home.now i need to rest.


Daughter : why mom?…whats



Mom : Nothing dear…mommy is

gona be okay.


Daughter : Promise me mom?


Mom : Mommy loves you okay!


Daughter : Love you more mom.


And that was mommy’s last

words to her daughter,she died

and may her soul rest in peace.


And when the daughter got

home,she went straight to

mommy’s room,and search her

drawer for the brown

envelope…and thanks god she

found it.it was a letter written by




Dear baby,i know life aint gona

be the same without me,and

things will be tough,but i just

want you to know that mommy

loves you and will always love



I did what i did to protect you,i

had to transplant my heart to you

so that you survive,i know i

shuldve told you…but i just

couldnt coz i knew it was gona

break your heart.


Take care of yourself darling,i will

always be there with you.in your



Yours : Mommy


And the girl cried tears out!!…so

touching isnt it?

We all need mom in our

lifes,because mommy would do

anything for her child just

because she is the best,my hero!!

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