Ghazal: Jab Ishq Sikhata Hai

Jab Ishq Sikhata Hai Adaab-e-Khud ‘Agaahi

Khulte Hain Ghulamon Par Asrar-e-Shehanshaahi

When Love teaches man the respect of Self-Awareness

Though being a slave, he experiences the Kingly deeds

Attar Ho, Rumi Ho, Razi Ho, Ghazzali Ho

Kuch Hath Nahin Ata Be Aah-e-Sahargaahi

Be it Attar or Rumi or Razi or Gazali

Nothing comes in hand without the “night prayers”

Naumeed Na Ho In Se Aey Rahbar-e-Farzaana

Kamkosh To Hain Lekin Be-Zauq Nahin Raahi

O leader of intelligent, don’t you despair of their worth

Though they are sluggish, your followers are loyal to you.

Aey Taa’ir-e-Lahooti! Uss Rizq Se Mout Achchi

Jis Rizq Se Aati Ho Parwaaz Mein Kotaahi

O bird who flies to the Eternal world! It is better to starve to death

Than to live on a prey, that obstructs your flight.

Dara-o-Sikandar Se Woh Mard-e-Faqeer Aula

Ho Jis Ki Faqeeri Mein Boo-e-Asadullaahi

Better than Darius and Alexander is that Fakir,

Whose piety has the attributes of ‘The Tiger of God’ (Ali)

Aa’een-e-Jawan Mardaan, Haq Goyi-o-Bebaki

Allah Ke Sheron Ko Aati Nahin Roobaahi

The constitution of men are, Speaking the Truth and being Upright

The Lions of God know not the traits of cunning of Fox.

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