The greatest thing about accepting your own death and using “You’re gonna die” in a very positive, optimistic, empowering way is that it motivates you to do extraordinary things.
You’re Gonna Die
Gary Vaynerchuk

Five years ago I set out to raise this awareness in people by filming a documentary called, The Finity Project (finity is a term I use to describe the awareness of one’s own finite existence — it’s my own version of momento mori). I was forced to face my own fragile existence through a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at only 20-years-old. Not long after, I started working alongside a girl in a retail job I barely remember now, and after one month in we discovered that she had also been diagnosed with the same disease, at the same time. 1 year later we set off on a journey around the world to take on physical challenges for various charities, all while telling the stories of people living with the illnesses we were raising money for — who better to raise this awareness in people than the ones who must live with it every day? Thank you, Gary for also spreading this message. It’s an important one.

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