Saving it before it becomes history

Recently we heard somewhere so beautiful …

“Before the craft fades…. before the artisan loose a life line.. before a culture stops breathing … before these beautiful stories ends.. and traditions become history!”

Why are Indian folk and tribal arts so close to our heart? The answer lies in its rarity. These form of art work are practiced by native tribes and ethnic groups. Their works are a reflection of true Indian ethos. The paintings usually are pictorial depictions of popular Hindu deities such as Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Additionally, these also showcase motifs of sun, moon and even some plants and flowers used in daily rituals, such as tulsi (basil) and so on. The artworks also depict daily village life, common customs and rituals, birds, animals and the elements of nature. Folk paintings are very fetching and a visual treat, as they employ vibrant and natural colors and papers, clothes, leaves, earthen pots, mud walls and so on, as their canvas to paint on.

These folk paintings were largely practised by women artists and the tradition and skill is passed on from mother to daughter for generations and this is what contributes to it rarity!

The initiative of ‘Made in India’ connects with the artisans from the heart of our villages and presents their tales ( painting) to the World. Collaborating closely with artisans and helping create better livelihoods is our main objective. ‘Made in India’ is a tribute to the handcrafted traditions of India.