Super Easy Samosas..

I’ve made these so many times I think I’ve finally got them right. And my Indian colleague gave me the nod of approval so they must be good. Great for packed lunches, make a quick batch at the weekend and you’ve got a delicious nutritious lunch for the kids (I tend to eat them all before the kids get a look in) And they’re baked not fried, so much healthier.

They take minutes- honestly, once you’ve mastered the folding technique- my cookery class kids did, so so can you.

Also good for using up odds and ends of veg in the fridge..

Try this..

Cauliflower crumbled into little pieces, chopped carrot, green beans, potato, turnip, spinach (or any greens), spring onions and peas. Peas go really well with this flavouring. A thumb or grated ginger, a heaped teaspoon of curry powder (I use the East End Madras Curry Powder)and crucially, a heaped teaspoon of onion seeds. Season with salt and pepper and mix all well and add a splash of oil- oil conveys the flavours better. Be sure the veggies are diced quite small as they have to cook in a short time and nobody wants to gnaw on a raw potato.

I use Filo pastry- probably not very authentic, but the resulting samosas are light and crispy. Here’s the idea..

Brush lightly with oil or melted butter and scatter over a few more onion seeds. Bake at 180 C for 10–15 until golden. Lovely.