What’s it all about?

What’s for Tea? The daily question that strikes fear into the bravest of parents. We haven’t got time to think. We haven’t got time to shop let alone chop. Can’t remember what’s in the fridge. And of course, the six million dollar question- if I stray from bolognese/fish fingers/jam sandwich (delete as appropriate) will the kids eat it?

Fear not What’s For TeaW8’s got your back. From Monday 27th February for 10 weeks only, we’ll be boosting your repertoire of healthy recipes, nutritional knowledge and time and money-saving hacks with an exciting new cooking project JUST for Brentford (hence the TeaW8). We’re going to put Brentford and all those hard-working parents serving up great meals on the culinary map- just you watch us.

We’ll be running competitions all over the social media place with the #madeintw8 hashtag, so get involved and tell all your local friends to like (and share) our page on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily inspirational updates.

We are SO looking forward to blowing your collective trumpet.

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