The author claims crisis pregnancy centers manipulate women.
Caleb J Fielding

Hi Caleb, thanks for these questions. To be clear, I don’t believe that the people behind CPCs are seeking financial gain, though many of these centers do receive financial support from both the federal government and taxpayers.

I can’t speak for the people working at CPCs, but I’d assume that they’d claim to care deeply for these women. But like much of the anti-choice movement, the care is typically reserved for the pregnancy rather than the woman and her autonomy. They will care for and help support the woman who decides to carry the unplanned pregnancy, but not for the woman who wants an abortion. So, depending on your definition of the word “care” — sure, we can say that CPCs “care” for women and their unplanned pregnancy, but they certainly do not “care” for a woman’s right to exercise her autonomy over her body.

Again, I would have no issue with CPCs if they were honest about their anti-choice agenda. They certainly have the potential to be a great resource for underprivileged women who have decided to carry the pregnancy to full term, but I have no respect for an institution that uses manipulation and deceit to promote their agenda.

If you’d like to learn more about CPCs, this is a great resource that explains more of their practices in detail.

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