America broke up with me last Tuesday night

Let me restate that.

American fucking broke my heart.

We had been dating for a while now.

Long enough that I had imagined our future together.

A future filled with hikes through Yosemite, a garden wedding, universal healthcare and acceptance of all the Earth’s humans.

And then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, I got fucking dumped.

I was taken completely by surprise,

At a party meant to celebrate our relationship, of all things,

and just like that,

the future I thought awaited me,

disappeared in a flash of dead bald eagles and red balloons.

Now a new future awaits me.

The post-break-up reality.

A world I never thought I would have to imagine let alone live in.

The unknown days ahead will be filled with new people to watch Netflix with,

New places I will be forced to experience on my own,

Unforeseen hardships I will have to face.

All because America decided to rip my heart out of my chest, choose a different person so spend the foreseeable future with and fucking dump me,

Last Tuesday night.

Fuck you America.

Fuck you.