One of my favorite views from Aiguille du Midi. I wished I was a mountain climber to be out there with them.
The gondola that takes you up to the highest point in Mont Blanc without climbing, Aiguille du Midi.
See the two people taking in the views from the building?
Starting our 3hour trek to Mer de Glace.
A local hiker we chatted with mentioned that we try to remember to look back as we head towards the glacier. The reason being this — gorgeous views. Thank you, kind sir.
Looking back during the hike. The terrain changes from paved dirt to a stairway of stones and climbing rocks.
Details along the trail. These dew drops are tiny, but there were gazillions of them. When the sun shone through the clouds these drops sparkled like tiny little diamonds scattered all over the mountain grass.
Same description as above.
DJ makes it to the top first. This is the view you’re greeted with, depending on the clouds and winds. Clouds moved incredibly fast today. One second you can see the mountain, another it was gone, blanketed behind a white curtain of clouds.
We made it to L’Aiguille du Dru. Clouds moved quickly. Dirt covers the huge glacier below.
It’s hard to capture all the beauty here in a photo.
A jazz festival atop of a mountain. This was super cool.
So cool.
Walking down and into a glacier!
For scale.
Guess what? I’m walking inside a glacier! (Mer de Glace) Colored lights brighten up the ice. Here are the details in lime green.
Walking the streets of Chamonix.
Walking around Chamonix.
Early morning walk around town. One of my favorite views from the streets.
The road to and from Chamonix. Our time here is done and it’s time for us to go to Geneva.