Back to Be(YOU)tiful: DevaCurl Video Serie

Five curly-haired women — One year — Five radical transformations

Company Background

DevaCurl is a beauty product company specializing in naturally curly hair. Their marketing strategy revolves around telling the stories of real women embarking on a journey to embracing their natural hair.

The company created the “Love Your Curls” campaign which drives all of their messaging. They ask customers to submit their own images on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by using the hashtags #PathToHappyCurls, #DevaMoment, and #GetYourCurlOn. For example, the #PathToHappyCurls showcases women who once heat-styled their hair and are now embracing their natural texture with DevaCurl.

The overall company mission focuses on encouraging women to feel happy and confident in their own skin. Although many companies — such as Dove — have this same over-arching mission, DevaCurl specializes curly hair. There are no companies in the current market that specialize in this particular product that have such a solid marketing strategy. DevaCurl also focuses on continued education past their product — for example, they certify hair stylists in the “DevaCut” which is a specific type of haircut for optimizing naturally curly hair.

The Idea

The most compelling component of DevaCurl’s current marketing strategy is their real-life, user-created content. This aspect of realistic storytelling is not only relatable, but involves minimal effort from the brand itself. Organic storytelling is incredibly powerful and speaks volumes about the integrity of the product and company.

However, with a little money and extra effort, DevaCurl can really amp up this strategy. DevaCurl will follow five women — all with different curl types — through their journey to embracing their natural hair in the form of a video series.

#Back to BE(YOU)TIFUL Video Series

When women have been conditioned by the media to believe straight or heat-styled hair is ideal, it is very difficult to make the switch to natural hair. Curly-haired women are hardly portrayed in the media, and when they are, it is usually only one curl type. The women who are purchasing curly hair products rarely see themselves represented in the media and most likely crave that. It is frustrating for anybody to feel like they are not accurately represented in the media. This campaign will give consumers that representation they desire.

The actual process of transitioning away from heat-styled hair is a difficult and long journey. The lengthy process deters many women from even trying. This video series will show that women are not alone in their journey and show how rewarding the process can be.

DevaCurl will hire a film crew to follow five women throughout their journey of embracing their natural hair. This could take several years or several months — it just depends on their hair texture and health.

Each woman’s story will be told in a few different ways. There will be a one to two minute version of their individual story. Then there will also be a two minute video of all of the stories combined in a type of montage that highlights the different curl types and quickly shows the most compelling part of each woman’s story.

The videos will start with brief interviews with the women discussing the negative effects of the media on their body-image and their reluctance to leave their hair naturally curly. This captures the viewers’ emotional interest in the subject because it is very relatable even if the viewer does not have curly hair. Then the video will show their decision to finally embark on the natural hair journey. The video will then show their struggles and triumphs throughout the process — clips of them talking about their frustrations to make the viewers feel less alone and clips of them celebrating little successes (like finding a perfect ringlet curl or having a particularly good hair day). The video will end with them showing off their rejuvenated, healthy, natural hair and them discussing how happy and confident they feel. Throughout the video, there will be subtle product placements of DevaCurl products without being obnoxious.

This video series will be highly relatable for many different target audiences. It will function similarly to the Dove “Real Beauty” sketches. Almost everyone can relate to feeling insecure or misrepresented in the media. People will want to share such a positive message — it will just happen to have DevaCurl’s name attached to it.

Videos go viral for a reason. Their visuals and audio capture the audience’s attention and require minimal effort from viewers. Videos capture emotion and tell stories in ways print cannot. When people view these videos, they will feel as though they are watching a short movie, not an advertisement. This will create an emotional tie to the brand and drive sales.

These videos could be posted on DevaCurl’s YouTube channel independently, but they could also partner with a company such as UpWorthy or BuzzFeed to have them feature the videos as well. BuzzFeed could write an article such as “10 Reasons Why Natural Hair Rocks” or “Why You Need to Stop Heat Styling Your Hair Right Now” and then feature DevaCurl’s content. This would expand their target audience and reach more people.

Everybody loves a good “before and after” photo. The images of the women in the video series will be high quality and professionally produced, so they will be even more attractive than many of the user-generated content that DevaCurl currently posts and therefore more compelling. The campaign will post these images on social media encouraging consumers to share their stories and photos as well with the hashtag #BackToBeYOUtiful and #PathToHappyCurls. This storytelling campaign will snowball into a much larger story — women embracing their natural beauty.

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