Advertisement: 2014 Chevy Commercial, Girl and Dog

  1. The lighting and film angles allow one to see the location, going through the life of this young girl. These different aspects really add to showing where the commercial takes place.
  2. There are no sound effects, simply music that coincides with the events taking place in this young girls life. The help to ties together all of the scenes in order to create a story.
  3. Throughout the commercial, the life of the girl go’s backwards, creating a documentary/demonstration scene format.
  4. This add creates a sense of longevity by using the lifelong bond with a dog to try and create a lifelong bond with a car. Overall, the commercial is successful in relating these two relationships. Chevy created a strong relationship and turned it into a marketing ploy.
  5. The target market of the add is young individuals, specifically young women age 20–25. A young woman is used in the commercial making this the ideal target.
  6. This add showcases a lifelong investment, turning it into a lifelong bond
  7. Although subtle, the add does call for individuals to go out and purchase a Chevy car.
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