Be Here Now

Last week Tuesday, I woke up when I normally do and began my weekly morning routine. Every night before I go to bed, I power off my cell phone and plug it into the wall outlet to recharge. However, on this particular morning, I reached for my cell phone and realized it had not properly gained back any power. Now, my standard morning routine would not go as planned. I could not check my email, I could not play 7 little words, I could not even check the weather to see if I needed a sweater for my morning bike commute. So, I improvised. I made oatmeal, and I read a book. I ate and read this morning and rode my bike to the office sweaterless. I did not lose my cool despite starting the day differently than I had anticipated.

Today, it is Saturday. Although it is not a weekday, my initial instinct is still to find my cell phone and check for updates on my connections with the world. My secondary instinct is to find my watch and check what time it is. But today I hesitate. I have no good reason to check the time. I have even less of a good reason to reconnect with the world so early in the day. This morning I pause. I open my eyes. I blink. I look up at the ceiling. I breathe. I fill my lungs, gently but deeply. I fully awaken my body and, more importantly, my mind. Then I ask myself: what do I need now? What does my mind need? What does my body need? What do my feelings need? Then, I evaluate. I am not hungry. I am not thirsty. I am calm. I am awakening. But most importantly, I am here. And I am here only. My mind is not cluttered with distracting thoughts. It is especially important for me to be here now, because I have nothing to pull me away from this moment. My day is open to exploration and activity, but I have no agenda. I should begin the day with this stillness. After resting my gaze on the ceiling fan for many moments, I decide I am ready to move my body and use my mind, in an intentional and purposeful way. But I do not turn on my phone. I simply crawl out of bed and grab my laptop. Here I am, 9:18 a.m. with you, and I will try to be here now.