Happy, sad, grateful May 15 through 21

Happy thoughts between May 15th and May 21st

  1. Happy Dad expressed some immediate interest in my entrepreneurial aspirations for sustainable housing.
  2. Happy I had such a lovely happy hour with my Dad and coworkers. I especially liked learning about Neja’s estate law adventures.
  3. “Just wanted to let you know that I miss you very dearly! I hope all is well.” Nothing makes my day more than little shout-outs reminding me I am cared about.
  4. Happy to start the day off so well with Bike to Work Day festivities. Cafe Bennu + El Chilito + Wheatsville + Mellow Johnny’s + Houndstooth + Jugo all before 9 am!!
  5. Felt apprehensive about going to Figure 8 after Ellery didn’t like the coffee. But I walked in to the sounds of Rebirth of Slick on the speaker system, signed in to the WiFi to be greeted by a newsletter from David Smart, and settled in to my chai with Passing Me By playing, too. Morning 3 for 3 despite the rain.
  6. Happy to wake up and take a walk in the fresh air first thing in the morning after sleeping over at Karlee’s.
  7. Happy to climb with Eric, Peter, Karlee, and Leah. Bonus, we ran into Steph!
  8. Karlee told me she was impressed with my pull-up abilities. Makes me feel good someone recognizes I am strong.

Sad thoughts between May 15th and May 21st

  1. Sad our house is in such extreme disarray.
  2. Sad that eating vegetables isn’t making my my body as invincible as I hoped. Despite walking and biking everywhere, I ran 2.35 miles in 28 minutes. Not good! And to add insult to injury…I am sore!

Grateful thoughts between May 15th and May 21st

  1. I am grateful to hang with my dd in the Hampton Inn after a delicious meal at Sala and Betty and not needing to feel stressed in the house. Dad is a savior!
  2. Grateful Dad is ok with making vegetarian options if we split meals. The 888 for the win!
  3. Grateful that after 14 months at Civic I have the ability to make a lasting impact on the company. Starting with Balance of Systems.
  4. Grateful I fed myself with healthy food today after being a tad glutenous yesterday.