Week 4 Ecuador

Flowers are one of Ecuador’s main incomes. This is just a little flower stand. It costs $1 for 12 roses.

I have finished my fourth week and my first month in Ecuador. It has been. really challenging and immensely rewarding.

I have had some issues with my host mother. Things that quite a few other students have experienced as well. I have moved today and I am so happy. I will be staying in the same room as Elizabeth the other student this month and I could not be happier. I am very excited and I feel instantly less stressed and physically happier.

This is the view from our new room!

I am thankful for having the time alone for month as I believe it has helped my Spanish a huge amount. There was another earthquake this week as well! At 1 in the morning I was awake because I was sick and my whole bed shook for about 5 seconds. I think that it was only a 4. But I think there must be an earthquake every month.

This week I was at the same hospital as the first week. But instead of being at adolescent section I was located in emergency. Unfortunately I was only able to go two days as I was sick a great deal of this week. But I really enjoyed it. Today was very slow. As some days are in any emergency unit. There was one patient who just needed to be told that everything is ok. But the other women came in calmly and with the exchange of maybe 20 words she was quickly taking her pants off. I noticed her pants were wet and she was dripping blood. The doctor hastily put me to work and I observed an emergency abortion. She remained calm the whole time with the occasional complaint. I was so amazed that she wasn’t alarmed by the amount of blood she had lost. She just seemed kind of cheery almost. It was a bit disorienting. I was able to see the semi developed placenta which was really interesting. It was significantly smaller then I thought. Sort of like a small hamdful of coagulated blood but in sack form with undertones of grey.

If you were curious how to wash you’re hands…

After the first stages she was quickly sent to an operation room to have the abortion completed. I don’t know what went wrong during the pregnancy but she was about 10 weeks along. Not even through her first trimester. It was very interesting. I really liked how the emergency room staff went from lazily stocking different things in each room to a jumping to attention to the woman having an abortion all within 15 minutes.

The chair/ bed where it happened. But cleaned.

I am really enjoying myself and I am very excited about my next and final month here in Ecuador. I will no longer be working with maternity work unfortunately as I love it so much. But I will be working with Andean health. It should be interesting. I believe I will be doing more rural clinical work so that will be very interesting to see from a global health perspective.

Last view for this month of El hospital de maternidad

Love from Ecuador 🇪🇨


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