Week 8 Ecuador

I have finished my time in Ecuador! A big half way step through my travels! We ended at a clinic called CEPI. A private dermatology clinic. It was by far most like the states. Dr. Palacios has the same warm affectionate way with patients as our first doctor this months Dr. Hidalgo. He showed us these puppets which represented different skin disorders. It was all great fun!

The puppets!

I was also able to assist with freezing off some warts. My job was to dab them with a wet lemon scented liquid before he froze them. It was really fun because the patient was an adorable 8 year old boy. For each finger that was done he received a chocolate ball! His little sister stole them but we made sure there were enough. It was fun and interesting but I only went for 2 days as on Monday I found out I left the phone that belonged to the program in baños. Thursday being the day I needed to turn it in I had an impromptu trip to Baños over night!

Beautiful Baños

It was great fun as I got to go with an special friend of mine whom I met in Mindo the weekend before. We had a great time and retrieved my phone! We also hiked La Virgen María climb again and ran all the way down.

Thursday Elizabeth and I went to Teleférico. A gondola ride up into the Andes where you can hike and ride horses. Elizabeth and I did both! We saw some really stunning views of the volcanoes around us and also got to enjoy a great hike and horse back ride. We didn’t go all the way up to the top as we didn’t want to be crunched for time.

We had a lovely evening meeting with my friend again and talking over coffee. After that we were off to bed for our next full day!

Horse with a view.

Friday we went to Papallacta a hot springs which we were told was an hour and a half bus ride away. Turns out that’s a lie. It took us 6 hours to travel there but it was worth it.

Pretty tile work at the spa.

After a 3 km walk to the actual spa we enjoyed relaxing for a few hours. There were five beautiful hot pools and one cold water pool to dip into. It was truly Devine especially after our long hike in the Andes the day before. Then we. headed back on the much longer than expected commute.

Walking to the spa.
Hot bath in papallacta.

Friday night was great fun as we went with Daniela and David the owners of the gluten free sugar free bakery, to Centro Histórico and La Ronda. It was so amazing. We saw the basilica at night and it was so stunning then we went to La Ronda a very lively cultural street. People dressed in costumes and amazing street artists and performers. We stopped at a their favorite little bar/ pub and enjoyed a few typical day of the dead and Christmas time drinks. Including Canelazo a heated up Naranjilla juice. It is almost creamy with how thick it was.

Saturday we were off to the artesanal market in one of the parks and enjoyed bartering and relaxing. We are lunch at a great Encebollado place. Encebollado is a warm ceviche like soup that you add popcorn plantain chips and lime to. Elizabeth and I always switch I get all the popcorn and she gets all of the plantaine chips.

Basilica stairs selfie

Saturday night we went to the airport. This is a surprise to some but I am returning home for 2 weeks in between Ecuador and Bolivia. It is actually cheaper and that way I won’t be traveling alone! Pobre yo. I am sending this email late as I will be arriving for Ricks party! A big surprise to everyone and my lovely brother.

Curvy road to Quito from the air!

Got in safe and I will start doing my Bolivia blog in 3 weeks! Until then take care!

Double rainbow to welcome me home!
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