Senior Collection

Okay…. I’m just going to go ahead and start off saying I am afraid of commitment. So when I started thinking about what I would do for my Senior Collection (when I was a freshman who still didn’t even know how to sew), the ideas sort of ran wild through my head until I thought I was going to go crazy.

This summer, I was in New York City interning, which was a constant albeit overwhelming source of inspiration. There were many versions of my collection- cool, street style looks to a collection inspired by Marie Antoinette. At the end of the day, however, I had to stay true to me. I believe there is beauty in simplicity.

Also this summer, I began religiously watching Mad Men (better late than never, right?) and fell in love with January Jones as Betty Draper. I was raised by a mother who was brought up in the 60's and who also happens to be a pretty intensely independent woman whom some might consider a feminist. I love that about her. Because of the views that she raised me with, the whole time I was watching the beginning of the show I found myself really thinking about the situation women found themselves in during the late 50's/early 60's as housewives or employees in a male-dominated workplace.

At first glance, one might think that the women like Betty, or Joan or even Peggy are just slaves to the system and subservient to the men around them. But, the beauty in this is that, at second look, they hold more cards than they appear to. They outsmarted everyone by letting the men THINK they have the power, but in actuality the women know how to manipulate them.

So, with this idea I decided to do my collection devoted to the housewife who offers more than meets the eye. She acts like a perfect lady/wife/mother but really she knows the whole system is flawed and “does this actually work for anyone? Really?” I made a very large, over the top moodboard because I want it to feel like a mockery of the entire 50's housewife idea, that the women are in on. She is a woman who is victim to her circumstances but won’t let that stop her from being strong, sexy and in power of her own life.

Total mood board, sketches and fabric swatches
Quote by Betty Draper
Close up of pictures
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