A brief history of an industry that barely existed a decade ago

I remember a time when our activities didn’t come with a share button. I remember when the President didn’t dictate with Tweets, and when filters only existed in Photoshop. I also remember when that changed.

Almost as quickly as social media materialized, it was denounced as a distraction to school kids, a sucker of data plans, and a waste of everyone’s time. Dramatic headlines took over the Op-Ed section of newspapers everywhere, blaming social media for hectic neighborhood parties and Gen-Y’s incompetent spelling. …

How your brand can create remarkable and authentic human moments

There is so much stuff on the internet. No, there is so much useless stuff on the internet. The BuzzFeeds of the world have carved out a significant portion of online real estate dedicated to click-farms hiding behind Meghan Markle wardrobe critiques. This content is finding its way onto our screens with increased frequency and it’s wasting our time.

Banana bread. Honestly.

Our attention-deficit minds (and thumbs) are feeding this click-machine that treats us as users. A number on a dashboard. An event in a funnel.

This means being spoken to as a human and not just a potential click has become a…

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

2018; you’ve been a winner so far. You are the gift that keeps on giving. And my gift to you?

Well, it’s important to be grammatically correct, so here are some additions to the English language to help accurately account for the most discussed subjects of 2018.

  1. A Wrinkle of French Bulldogs
  2. A Cuddle of Cacti
  3. A Befuddle of Elderly Gentlemen
  4. A Yarn of Elderly Ladies
  5. A Gyroscope of Cyclists
  6. A Hum of Hybrid Vehicles
  7. A Ducking of Autocorrects
  8. A Glacier of Climate Change Deniers
  9. A Fox of Fake News Reporters
  10. An Actually of Mansplainers
  11. A Phonecall of Racists
  12. A…

Another day, another email in my inbox telling me to punch today in the face.

  1. Wake up at 5am. Those morning folk are onto something. They enjoy more daylight hours, and this prevents depression. This is why they’re obnoxiously cheery and you’re hopeless and depressed. Yes, actually. The reason you’re hopeless and depressed is because you don’t wake up at 5am.
  2. Take a cold shower. Waking up before dawn isn’t torture enough. You should actually be depriving your morning routine of all pleasures. Don’t forget to leave the window open, because an arctic breeze upon exit is good for productivity.
  3. Work at a standing desk. Or better yet, work at a walking desk. Walking while…

Written in December, published in March.

Apparently it’s Christmas time.

Or, it’s holiday or festivus or whatever the hell November and December is even called. It seems this is how North America does Christmas time and it’s a fucking treat to witness. I’m feeling nostalgia for a Christmas experience I’ve never actually had (thanks to the commercial media that has convinced my Australian subconscious the holidays are meant to be cold), I’m blinded by the absurd number of epilepsy-inducing Christmas decorations that greet me on my morning commute, and I can confirm that ’12 Days of Christmas’ is akin to…

Excerpts from actual emails I received and conversations I’ve had in San Francisco.

Tech buzzwords confuse me. Though they’re nothing new to tech, and I often embrace buzzwords to can convey nuance (or seem like I know what I’m talking about), I also spend a lot of time Googling them just to make sense of an email or LinkedIn request. I get the feeling a lot of people in this industry are just using The Lean Startup as a thesaurus instead of trying to communicate with any authenticity (or learn about lean startups), and I find it equal parts hilarious and stupid.

Taken in the Mission District, The Castro, Oakland — 2017. Brought to you by my iPhone 6S (new camera and more photos coming soon).

It’s been nine months since I got on a plane and started a new life in Fog City. The intention was to start writing about my experiences as soon as I arrived, but then America happened… and it’s only recently I began to process what it’s actually like to be a resident of the United States in 2017.

(Fun fact: my technical status here is ‘nonresident alien’. Yeah, aliens exist and I’m one of them.)

I was given the opportunity to move to San Francisco from Melbourne, to continue growing in a job I like along side people I respect…

Madeline Snow

Copywriter, photographer, ballerina, taco enthusiast. I write about living and working in the Bay Area.

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