“Hollywood has the power to fill consumers minds with picture perfect interpretation of false reality” — Madeline Trippe

The US is a melting pot of different cultures. Yet, we are ignorant. We don’t take the time to understand others backgrounds, discover their cultures. Instead, we rely on Hollywood to shine the light on the unknown.

Piñatas, Mayan stones, monkeys, christian religious relics, bright and colorful landscapes portray the American version of Mexico. A fruitful land, filled with life and color…happiness, joyous. Justin Favela slaps America in the face with his installation, Fridalandia. With his colorful Mexican landscape carved out of frayed layed paper mache to mimic the interpretation of a fabled piñata. Justin gives us a taste of our own medecine in the most magnificent way. Yet, patrons don’t realize the irony. We are caged monkeys, trapped within our bundle, unable to see past the bars. Ignorant to our surrounding communities. Are we just self absorbed? Uneducated? Unopen-minded? Or do we only to see the beauty in a dark world…?

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