“A once lush and green world now expands as a sea of cement, how grey will the world turn before becoming green?” — Madeline Trippe

Three blocks of cement. Three steal bars protruding from the cement reaching towards the stars. Bent and broken. Supporting our society, our businesses, our homes. Ruben Ochoa captures our industrialized society through such simplicity that it screams our mistakes, our priorities.

As human life began to inhabit the Earth and extend our reach, we’ve turned a lush green landscape into pillars of cement. We’ve ripped the world apart, digging deep into the ground for fresh water and oil, disturbing the ground for buildings, polluting the air as we progress leaving a larger carbon footprint. How far is the Earth willing to go to support our species? After we’ve exhausted our resources, built our giant cities, stripped the Earth of life. When’s our reckoning? What karma does our society face in light that we’ve destroyed the world around us, on our path of greed.

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