Lost in Darkness

“Erasure — the removal of writing, recorded material or data…in this case the removal of human life…their removal of existence” — Madeline Trippe

Ana Teresa Fernandez slowly covered herself in black paint as her personal form of protest in reaction to the “disappearence” of forty-three Igula, Mexico students. The students were having their own protest, but at the mayor’s request, the students disappeared without a trace. Identities taken. Families broken. Horrific stories never breaking major news, never coming to the surface. Forgotten souls.

Ana Teresa symbolically covered herself in black paint, in a black space. She slowly disappeared into her surroundings, becoming lost in darkness. The video of Ana Teresa is dark and accompanied by an eerie soundtrack focusing on the sounds of the brush bristles, stroking Ana Teresa’s body. Leaving the viewer mesmerized and cringing. Moving from her feet to her torso…down her arms and back…then up her neck. Her face is the last to be painted. Delicately covering her ears…taking away sound, covering her mouth…taking away voice, covering her nose…taking away smell, leaving just the eyes. The eyes are the last to go, the last to disappear.

Some say the eyes are the path to the soul…

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