I have to say that your responses has been one of my favorites to read and I finally figured out…

I’m going to tell you as a Transwoman literally the only thing I want is to fill safe in public, not hinder woman’s progression to equality in any way. “ I suppose my main reasons for writing stemmed from this. Trans women seemed more and more to not be content with just having surgeries, being called she, fighting for respect and safety, and were instead focusing more on removing language around female biology, rewriting every law surrounding bathroom sex segregation, and silencing anyone who tried to ask for discourse in this.”

This is just bullshit. I live in a state where I’ve had the right to use the bathroom I’ve identified with for years and literally for the first time in DECADES. That shit is being challenged here. We aren’t trying to rewrite every bathroom segregation law, we a re trying to keep them from fucking us. I may be forced to move form my home state depending on how a piece of legislature gets voted. And I don’t live in the south, I live in fucking Washington, one of the most trans-friendly states in the country. All we want is to not be fucked with, not to fuck with your rights, I PROMISE you. It’s literally unsafe for me to use a man’s restroom, but with bills like this passing in my state I would be forced to pay off all my student loans and 100% of my debts before I’m able to change my gender identity so I can use a bathroom in public without fear of rape or murder.

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