In my hands I hold a fire.

It used to be wild,
 an uncontrollable
 sea of scorching waves.
And you ---
You used to be the fuel.

But then,
 one day you left.

For years since then,
 I've held these embers
 of our beautiful disaster,
 My hope to rekindle the inferno.

Your spirit has always lingered
 in the soft glow nearby,
A constant reminder of warmth
 just out of reach.

But it's time for you to burn now.

We are beautiful chaos together,
 Lava and lightning---
 A glorious union
 not meant to be.

At last, I see.

A flare erupts,
 and I'm face to face with you again.
Head to toe you're set ablaze
 staring at me silent.
Empty eyes of an empty shell,
You left me cold in a living hell.
Burn, burn, burn and please never return.