You make me feel like a kid who got a brand new bike
I kind of forgot what this felt like.
For you, I think I’d drive a thousand miles
California, Arizona, Ohio, or I don’t know 
You’re here so how 'bout we just save the gas?
Lately you make me want to be romantic
Bouquets and candles on the top of my list
Love songs all day, all they do is talk about you
Your face in my brain stays on a loop
You’re beautiful beyond my wildest dreams
I think about you at night while I’m lying in bed
You’re my reason to wake and my reason to sleep
You’re my daydream, my nightdream,
My lunchdream, my napdream
You’re my dream come true
All roads led to you and I’m so damn thankful
A big butterfly family in my gut goes crazy when I see you
How did I get so lucky?
You’re so imperfect, it’s perfect
You fit in my life like that one weird piece
That finishes the puzzle
I love you 
I trust you
And I’m not scared to
You’re my moon girl, you’re out of this world
You’re intoxicating, addicting
If you catch me staring, forgive me,
I’m just so lost, I forgot
What this felt like

This is a quick freestyle I did in the middle of the night. Definitely different from any other poem I’ve done.
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