Forum dan Komunitas Pertanian Indonesia —

Forum dan Komunitas Pertanian Indonesia — — Indonesia is a country rich in flora and fauna conservation. Many once we find that some of the natural wealth of the archipelago is a rare species of living beings in the world, be it animal or plant — plant. Blessed with fertile soil and a prosperous population, the result of the skill and hard work of farmers and ranchers in Indonesia were able to create a natural resource to be proud of in the world, one of them on the field of plant cultivation. This success did not come just like that, with hard work and thoughts of farmers in exploring the science of plants is a major capital gain success this field. No wonder if the country is ever in a foreign nation invaded because just want to seize the natural wealth in the form of herbs — the best spices. Those who cultivate the farming activities, let us refer to with this post to complete.

According to Wikipedia, Agriculture implies activities aimed at utilizing the content of the natural resources to be used as the need for food, energy, industrial materials, and resources clean and healthy environment. Agricultural activities usually are done by way of cultivation which could result in consumption or used as animal feed. Agricultural if viewed with a broader meaning, according to experts farming activities is the utilization of bio microorganisms and enzymes to be used as the subject of the management of a food product.

For those of you who are involved in this field, there is no harm if the add insight and knowledge in the fields of farmers through the Agricultural Forum blog — That is a blog that provides a complete and proven expert information regarding the cultivation, microbiology, soil science, plant pests and diseases as well as various technology in the field of agriculture today. Additionally, in this blog you can also gain knowledge and develop insights are complete and appropriate farm management right and profitable business.

Through the post title Forum dan Komunitas Pertanian Indonesia —, I invite you all special deals in the world of agriculture to modern information technology and the development of farmers in Indonesia. Because articles — articles that are here are updated and regularly updated articles knowledge. The content of this blog is a large part of the understanding, how, coverage, interviews, documentation and experience of experts farm field to trials that have been successfully they did. And of course in accordance with the times that increasingly requires us to continue to innovate in business without destroying the natural beauty.